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We take construction services to a higher level that meets the local and international standard.

Ohio New Construction

renovating the houseOmega Contracting is more than just a roofing company that provides roofing services neighborhood charm. Being a Construction Management Company, we carry a brand of quality too that meets local and international standards in roofing materials, installation practices, and maintenance work.

We start with a thorough assessment of the potential roofing work and will give you a detailed outline of the material costs, labor costs and the timeframe of work involved. This will help you make informed decisions for new constructions whether it’s for a small two-story home or a commercial multi-unit structure.

If you want roofing services or Construction Services in Ohio that won’t fail you from start to finish, Omega Contracting is your best choice. We take great care of your property and of the trust-based relationship we have with you.